Who me? Yes, you! Couldn’t be! Then Who?

Our professor, Alec, made a statement in our #EC&I832 class a few weeks ago stating that he always checks up on people’s digital identity (DI) and if a person doesn’t have a DI, he does not give them the time of day! Ok, he wasn’t that harsh when he explained it, but his statement made me think about my own digital identity, or lack there of one.  What does my small digital identity say about me?

Does a digital footprint really show a person’s true identity anyway?

Confession to be told, I am ignorant.  My two teen-aged children would say, “In more ways than one, Mom!” But I admit I am ignorant about my digital identity.  Hopefully that is not what people see as my digital footprint.

Practice and Publicity

I have a profile on LinkedIn and just recently on Facebook  and Twitter.  To my knowledge, I have not posted pictures or text that would be considered rude or insulting.  One thing I questioned was in response to one of my cousin’s comment on Facebook to a picture of me wearing a rider shirt that it was offensive to her, so I replied back saying “at least it wasn’t a bomber shirt!”  Well, that could of been totally misconstrued, however, my comment was in reference to Winnipeg Blue Bombers football team.  No one said they were offended, not did I get a message from law enforcement, and thankfully, I got to edit my message to sound more politically correct.

Although half the time I do not know what I am doing personally on social media, I do get to snoop on other peoples’ posts and things.  Many times I question the character of the person posting and it makes me think of how they get away with saying some of the things they say.


As the above image states, digital footprints can either give you a positive identity or a negative one.  Hiring managers and recruiters check candidates social profiles for purposes of character reference.

Do people care about their own digital footprint? 

Some of the things I see people post on their social media have been quite controversial, especially messages about Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump.  It is shocking to me to see that more people either are not aware of or just do not care about the lasting impressions that their digital footprint leaves.  If anyone has any thoughts, just reply to my blog and let me know.


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