News just in…. I don’t have time to know the news!


News Just in this week in March, 2018, one kindergarten teacher from Regina Public School Division was quoted saying,

“That is the honest truth, I do not have time to know the news!”  

All kidding aside, when I do have time in my busy schedule, my main sources of learning about current events and news stories are watching local tv stations, listening to local radio stations, my phone newsfeed, and picking up the occasional newspaper from the grocery story (ok, I admit I do read the headlines of the paper while I am waiting in the check-out line as this would determine if I purchase that paper or not!)- this may be the attributing factor of the lack of people actually buying newspapers in this digital age!!??

Since I just recently joined in the social media frenzy,  I also see news posted on facebook and/or twitter.  I am learning that these stories may or may not be true, so I am constantly questioning if the online news is fake or real.


After watching Jocelyn & Jaimie’s vlog, I  have learned a strategy to reveal if a story online is true or fake.

I try to research most of the online news feeds by checking the sources listed, checking the author and the date, googling the news on the web, questioning if it is a joke or not and asking people around me.

Sometimes it is easier to see if there is a bias to the story, but other times it is not.



Image source

Most stories I have read through social media have been true, however one there is one story I am not sure about.  Has anyone else heard they are making wine out of coffee beans?

Tell Me More The Office GIF


Lastly, I hear about news stories when talking with friends and family.  News events come up in conversations with people in person, in phone calls, or text messages.  These stories I believe to be true; after all, what our friends and family tell us is true, right??

In conclusion, whatever area that I listen to current events or news stories, I have to be cautious not to form judgments or bias against people or groups.  Just through listening to stories on the news, some people I know have become very prejudice towards others.  I believe it is wrong to do this but I know it happens to a lot of people and it is quite common to see others spread their negative opinions openly on social media too!  Now that I am getting more involved with social media, I hope that I do not conform to those behaviors of others who are openly posting their bias and judgments all over the place.  In my opinion, keep your opinions to yourself (as I am sure someone will say the same about this post!).

good news GIF by CBC



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